Widgets 1.0 Requirements Updated!

Widget reqs widget Today I put in a request for the Widgets 1.0 Requirements to be republished by the W3C. I pretty much completely reworked every aspect of the document. I hope it’s much more clear now as to what is needed from the widgets 1.0 spec. Please send us feedback to public-appformats@w3.org.

What’s new in the document?

  • Reworded abstract so it makes explicit reference to the widgets 1.0 spec
  • Changed conformance model so everything is now informative except for sentences beginning with the label “normative:”.
  • Derived new requirement for localization (R7)
  • Derived a new requirement for automation of localization (r8)
  • Reworded R12 in regards to digital signatures. Makes explicit references to supporting x509 certificates
  • Removed superfluous sentences from introduction.
  • Changed all developers to authors
  • Fixed grammatical mistakes in section 1.1
  • Cleaned up section 1.2
  • Simplified some of the definitions 1.2.1 and them moved all the text to Section 1 after figure.
    Simplified the standardizable aspects of a widget section
  • Removed reduce fragmentation as a design goal in favor of “interoperability” as it was not possible to make a normative statement.
  • Added a whole bunch of todo’s to design goals
  • Added Accessibility as a design goal.
  • Broke R4 into two requirements: r4 just deals with the ability to add/remove resources from a package, r5 deals with the spec mandating folders to have a particular purpose/semantic in the package
  • r5 renamed from Internal Packaging Addressing to Addressing scheme.
  • Added new requirement for proxy and socks
  • And much more…