June Wrap-up

June was a fairly busy month:

July is also going to be pretty intense:

  • will try to get the First Public Working Draft of the XBL Primer by the 13th of July.
  • Presenting my PhD confirmation on the 25th.
  • Going to Melbourne on the 26th to work with Cameron McCormack for two days on a model for the XBL 2.0 Test Suite.
    • After I come back from Melbourne I go to Oslo for a WAF Face 2 Face to be held at Opera Software.

Widgets Requirements (4.0)

Widget Reqs on the W3C homepage

The Fourth Working Draft of the Widgets 1.0 Requirements has now been published at the w3c.

Next come a lot of research into each requirement and getting the normative wording into the spec. I think I will start with the "low hanging fruit" (the manifest) while I research aspects related to persistent storage.