Web Application Formats Working Group

I’ve been trying to convince QUT to let me on the let me joing the w3c’s Web Application Formats Working Group (WAF WG). The WG is basically looking at the problem that I am interested in: a declarative language for user interfaces and web applications. Their current focus, however, seems is on the XML binding language (XBL), which was originally proposed to the w3c by America Online, and then the SVG working group (sXBL). A second version of XBL, XBL 2.0, is currently being prepared and proposed by the mozilla foundation (and has now been given to the WAF-WG to work on). XBL is a way of binding elements to other resources (such as style sheets, some data/content, components, and scripts). For anyone who has done any web development, the applicaitons of this technology are pretty obvious. XBL has been partially implemented in Firefox (see SVG examples), but to what extent, I don’t know… something else to look into.

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