Review of the book Structured Documents

In this post I will give a review of each essay in the book Structured Documents, edited by J. Andre, R. Furuta & V. Quint. This collection of essays gives an overview of research into structured documents and declarative formats. The book is considered by many to be a seminal work on structuring documents. And even though it predates XML, it still has a very close relationship to structuring documents using XML. I am hoping that content of this book will help validate ideas I have about how to structure documents, particularly as they relate to my work on a Declarative Format for User Interfaces and Applications, and also provide new insights into effective ways of structuring documents. The essays in the book range in topics from the history of electronic publishing, theoretical foundations of structured documents, approaches to use when representing structured documents, to the semantic and visual semiotic structures of text. Sounds like my kind of book… 🙂

This will be an ongoing entry as I make my way through the book.
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