Finished Confirmation Document

My confirmation documentFinally finished my PhD confirmation document (PDF ~1Mb) on Standardizing Widgets. This document is supposed represent all the research I’ve been doing into widgets over the last year or so. If you are interested in widgets and the standardization process, Section 1 might be of value. Please send me any feedback and let me know what I need to work on.

Hate reading on screen? Don’t want to kill trees?… download the confimation document as an Mp3 File (~76Mb, 1:21:36sec, 16Bit 24Khz) . It’s read by AT&T’s Natural Voice’s Mike.

On the 11th of July, I have to do a 40 minute presentation to a panel of academics to “confirm”… once I confirm I then have two years to finish all my publications…. It will be great to have two years to focus on the widgets specs. Hopefully we can get them to Rec.