The essence of effective RIAs

I just finished reading (actually, the computer just read to me (w00t!)) The Essence of Effective Rich Internet Applications, a Macromedia white paper by Kevin Mullet. Although terribly business oriented in tone and examples, (some people might like been spoken to like an executive-type, kinda makes you feel like you could hang out with Donald Trump) the paper outlines some nice little keywords that Macromedia uses to describe what makes an effective RIA, namely:

  • Seamless experience
  • Focused experience
  • Connected experiece
  • Aware experience

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Elements of user experience

This entry is basically notes I took while reading from Jesse James Garrett’s book Elements of User Experience.We all know Jesse as the guy that gaves us the most inaccurate accronym in all of computing history (yes, I am talking about AJAX 🙂 ). However, his book is pretty cool yet some what overly simplistic. Then again, the intended audience is anyone, so that makes the content it very accessible to just about anyone. If I had some rating stars, I would sprinkle 3 or 4 liberally.

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