Web Actuators API

Having gone through the pain of trying to bust up Apple’s shitty patents around Widget Security, I learned that if you have a good idea, then you should put into the public record as quickly as possible (unless you intend to patent the idea, for fun and profit). It seems that the US patent office will grant a patent for just about anything, probably even a knife and fork. The state of the United States patent system truly is an embarrassment (for more info, thepublicdomain.org).

Idea: Web Actuators, an API for  Web Browser to allow control of physical output component, including, but not limited to LEDs, speaker, motors, or anything detectable by any human sense (sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing).

interface Actuator(){
   //details coming soon...
   //pulse width modulation
   void pwm(); 

This Actuators API would compliment a general purpose Web Sensors API: an API for detecting and reacting to events generated from reading “low level” sensor data (e.g., a flew sensor, a switch, a pressure sensor, a temperature gauge, etc…. any sensor that can take a reading).